We are now accepting our next cohort of students into our Equine Fascial Therapy Practioner Program. We only accept six students in each cohort. Accepted students can start online prerequisites immediately. Our next Preliminary Workshop is October 3-6 at Polestar Farm in Lake Stevens, WA.

Equi-Librium Institute proudly offers practitioner certification in Equine Fascial Integration Therapy- EFIT.

This powerful bodywork is not equine massage. This modality is based on equine biomechanics, myofascial release techniques and human structural integration therapy, and re-establishes long-lasting equilibrium and balance in the body through fascial manipulation, release, and tissue re-integration. This equine bodywork is often called “miraculous” by owners and trainers, and in general our practitioners quickly gain a very loyal and enthusiastic client base. Equi-Librium Institute also strongly believes that bodywork practitioners are part of a horse’s health care team, and as such, should be able to competently interact with veterinarians and hoof care practitioners. Thus, our program integrates a high level of equine science courses far beyond bodywork. Our goal is that our program graduates are very well prepared to work with complex rehabilitation cases as well as the highest level athletes. Our graduates’ training will allow them to be able strongly competitive and stand out in their fields.

There are three levels of progressive training. Each level consists of prerequisite online courses (listed below) a workshop, and a mentored practicum. The preliminary and intermediate level workshops are four day, hands-on and taught either in Hawaii, Washington, South Carolina, or Florida- with more courses being taught in Hawaii and Washington state. The last level of training is live webinar format that focuses on advanced assessment skills/techniques and practice development and taught every other week over a three or four month period. This level is intensive and very interactive and will strongly prepare the new practitioner to launch a successful practice. It takes approximately 18 months to go through the entire program.

Successful graduates are eligible to test for independent National Board Certification in Equine Massage with a Specialty Exam in Equine Structural Integration through NBCAAM, the National Board of Animal Acupressure and Massage.

Students are closely mentored and have access to one-on-one mentoring from our bodywork program director (even after graduation!) and peer-support networks.

INTERESTED IN APPLYING? We accept applicants based on an interview process. Click HERE to contact us about taking that next step to becoming a professional equine practitioner.


  • Equi-Librium Institute offers a comprehensive training program that covers bodywork skills AND relevant equine health and equine management topics based in veterinary technician training. This allows our graduates to be extremely well prepared practitioners.  To our knowledge, we are the ONLY  bodywork school that provides such a well-rounded training.

  • Our instructors are active practitioners AND seasoned educators. Almost all of our courses were co-written by an equine veterinarian, and some of our live courses are taught by an equine veterinarian.

  • Our unique combination of online materials and hands on workshops allow for maximum flexibility while not compromising on training quality.

This is a progressive program. Preliminary courses need to be completed prior to intermediate and advanced courses. All online courses for each level must be completed prior to attending that level's hands-on workshop. Click the links below to register or view more information. 


  • Advanced Level Practitioner Training-Webinar: Jan 27- May 19

  • Intermediate Level Practitioner Training, Big Island, HI: Aug 28-Sept 1

  • Preliminary Level Practitioner Training, Lake Stevens, WA: Oct 3-6