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Dr. Kelleyerin Clabaugh received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 from the University of Georgia. Prior to being a veterinarian, Kelleyerin was a working student for Rolex and Olympic level Three-Day Event riders. She was entrusted with the care of very valuable horses and, as a result, sought to learn everything she could to be worthy of that responsibility. Continuing on to vet school was a logical progression for her as the only thing that surpassed her desire to ride was to take care of her horses. For seven years, Dr. Clabaugh was an associate veterinarian with a progressive equine medical and surgical referral practice outside Portland, Oregon. While in Oregon, she moonlighted as an adjunct professor at Portland Community College teaching equine science to veterinary technology students. Ensuring her clients and staff were well educated and trained has always been a goal for Dr. Clabaugh. She realizes while the veterinarian has a crucial role in the horse’s overall health, it is the daily caregivers who assume the greater responsibility of caring for the animal.

In 2012 Dr. Clabaugh moved to Hawaii, where she met April Johnston. They quickly realized their common interest in equine education and the desire to share their knowledge and experiences with the greatest number of people possible.

Kelleyerin Clabaugh, DVM, CoFounder, with her sweet Dobie Gryphon

Kelleyerin Clabaugh, DVM, CoFounder, with her sweet Dobie Gryphon

After 3 years on the Big Island, Dr. C started Aramat Equine Services in 2016. Aramat is the fulfillment of her dream to provide exceptional, individualized care to clients with whom she feels connected. Dr. C has always wanted to work for people like herself -those who love their animals and who strive to learn how to best care for them. At Aramat Dr. C also breeds Sporthorses for eventing and Hunter Derbies.

When not working, Dr. Clabaugh can be found riding her OTTB eventer Phena and Miznah her Shagya/Hungarian Warmblood mare. She also enjoys hiking to waterfalls with her partner Derek and their three dogs (the Dobermans - Otto and Gryphon and the Hawaiian Ditch Dog Guster)

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April Johnston, MSc, Co-Founder, with her greatest teacher, Tomax.

UPDATE JAN 2019: April works nationwide with top judges, trainers and riders, and specializes in working with competitive performance horses in dressage, eventing, and hunter-jumper. Because her current graduate studies, she is no longer accepting new bodywork clients outside of Hawaii, but is available for phone consultation to help people with frustrating equine issues that are often related to body imbalance. You can reach April to schedule an appointment HERE.

Why would you want to consult with April? Read on!

First and foremost, April is a scientist. Prior to becoming an equine alternative health therapist, she worked as a State senior research scientist and wildlife ecologist.  After working as a scientist for 15 years, she decided to shift careers and go back to school to study her first passion-horses.  Once a scientist, always a scientist, and April’s work is unique in that it melds a scientific perspective with alternative therapies.

While April employs multiple modalities, the foundation is based on structural integration therapy, a progressive human therapy founded by Dr. Ida Rolf. This work systematically unwinds complex layers of fascial compensatory patterns to help restore physical balance and relieve chronic pain. April came across this work in her own 16 year journey to seek relief from chronic pain caused by a severe riding accident. She tried chiropractic, massage, ultrasound, and exercise-based physical therapies for chronic pain.  Structural Integration therapy so dramatically relieved her pain, and restored her quality of life that April began seeking ways to bring the same benefits to her equine friends.

 April holds an Advanced Certification in Equine Structural Integration from The Equine Natural Movement School, where she later was invited to become faculty and taught  equine structural integration certification courses 2010-2014. In 2014 she partnered with with Dr. Clabaugh to form Equi-Librium Institute.

April also attended The Tallgrass Institute and is a National Board Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner.  She holds additional certificates in Equine Nutrition and Digital Infrared Thermography. She has been a Board member of the National Board of Certification of Animal Acupressure and Massage since 2014 and is currently engaged in developing a new, national board certification exam in structural integration. She worked with veterinarians to learn laser therapy, and continues to engage with equine veterinarians and other advanced bodywork practitioners on a continual basis to advance her own learning.     

In 2017 April decided to undertake another graduate program, and is currently training to become a human acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner, which goes well beyond acupuncture and focuses on Master’s level training in herbal pharmocology and medicine. This comprehensive four year training will allow her to provide the best care for both her equine clients and their people. April is also simultaneously completing an extra 12 month herbal medicine internship to gain an even greater mastery of Chinese herbal medicine. April is already creating customized salves and medicinal teas for her equine and human clients.